Our Staff

Our Staff

Mostvolatilestocks.com is one of the growing online financial news platforms. Mostvolatilestocks.com mission is to provide timely news updates for users. Our Staff includes follwoing members:


Kyle Webster Category – Research

Kyle Webster is a self taught investor and follows the value investing approach to picking stocks. He possesses over 10 years of investment experience, an M.B.A. from Louisiana State University, and is also certified in Risk Management Assurance. Kyle is a Certified Internal Auditor, Data Miner, and author with a career broadly spanning over multiple business areas. He has exploited those observations and developed investment tactics within a fundamentally sound long-term investment strategy. He currently covers Research News category for our site. He can be reached via

Email Contact –  kyle@mostvolatilestocks.com.

Street – 4525 Hickman Street

City – Chicago

State – Illinois

Zip Code – 60605

Phone Number – 630-437-9257

Mobile Number – 773-908-3274


Jose TuttleCategory – Market movers

Jose Tuttle joined the mostvolatilestocks.com, after more than 10 years of experience in writing financial and business news, most recently as Investment Editor and writer. He also has a vast knowledge of stock trading. He earned bachelor degree from Union College with a focus in Business Administration. Jose is the Senior Editor for mostvolatilestocks.com and market movers section. He also holds an MBA from Penn State University He has two daughter and two children.

Email Contact –  Jose@mostvolatilestocks.com.

Street – 1800 Ferrell Street

City – Duluth

State – Minnesota

Zip Code – 55811

Phone Number – 218-390-1920

Mobile Number – 218-393-5655


Joseph Bender Category – Business

Joseph Bender is a senior author and journalist of mostvolatilestocks.com, a leading stocks and markets website. He has more than 5 years of experience in institutional investment markets, including fixed income, equities, derivatives and real estate. Joseph has a Bachelor in Business Administration with a major in Finance. He bought his first stocks in a private business at age 15 and made his first public stock trade at 23. He has always been interested in the stock market and how it behaves.

As the dad of two children, he’s made saving money and investing for them a high priority. Over many years of investing, he has made some wise choices and he’s made many mistakes. But he’s learned from both. Mr. Joseph observations and experience give him the insight to stock market patterns and the investor behaviors that create them.

Email Contact –  Joseph@mostvolatilestocks.com.

Street – 1608 Nash Street

City – Westland

State – Michigan

Zip Code – 48185

Phone Number – 313-215-2722

Mobile Number – 989-292-9051



Jacob Roark Category – Business

Jacob Roark also covers the business news across all market sectors for mostvolatilestocks.com. He also has an enormous knowledge of stock market.  Jacob holds an MBA degree from University of Florida. He has more than 10 years of experience in writing financial and market news. He previously worked at a number of companies in different role including web developer, software engineer and product manager. He currently covers Business news section for mostvolatilestocks.com.

Email Contact – Jacob@mostvolatilestocks.com.

Street – 3022 Browning Lane

City – Cortland

State – New York

Zip Code – 13045

Phone Number – 607-835-8036

Mobile Number – 607-423-9769